Cro Cop vs Hong Man ChoiIt appears the rumors were true. Cro Cop announced earlier today on his official blog that he has signed a contract to fight Korean giant Hong Man Choi at Fields Dynamite!! 2008 on NYE.

I’m excited to let you know that I have accepted DREAM’s offer to fight against Hong-man Choi on December 31 at Dynamite show. We arranged all details and the contract has been signed – the fight is officialy on.

I must say I’m happy with this opportunity to fight again in this year. This wasn’t the best year for me and I’m hoping that I’ll end it in a good spirit. I’m also happy to fight again in Japan at New Year’s Eve, which is always truly a fantastic experience.

It’s certainly not the Overeem rematch, but I suppose it’s better than nothing. If nothing else, hopefully it will be a confidence booster for Mirko. Sure, Choi may not be very good, but seriously, the guy is literally a giant. If you beat up a man that big, you’re going to come away feeling like you’re invincible.

There were reports suggesting that the fight would take place under K-1 rules, however, from Mirko’s statements, it seems the bout will be contested under MMA rules.

So how do I feel about this fight? I already told you that I’m excited and it’s really a problem for me to accept this fight with only 14 days left to go. I’ve been training hard after my last fight and I’m ready to face the Korean giant. When you fight the opponent of that size, you just have to take the fight very seriously. Under MMA rules he’s not experienced, but he’s big and strong and that makes him dangerous.

Although I’m still having some difficulties with my old injuries there won’t be any excuses left in case of a bad result. I’ll handle this issues in January, but against Choi I’ll be ready and nothing will stop me this time. I’ll just do my best and end this year with a win hopefully. Then I’ll focus on 2009 and work on the further steps in my career.

For you diehard Cro Cop fans who can’t wait to see him back in action, has a great collection of Cro Cop videos to help hold you over until the big night.

As for Alistair Overeem, he’s still without an opponent for NYE. However, for what it’s worth, there’s a rumor floating around that he could be fighting Badr Hari, which is a fight I wouldn’t mind watching. Either way, this card is looking pretty damn good, that is, if we get to see it.