In this video from Croation news site comments on his super sized opponent, Hong Man Choi, for Fields Dynamite!! 2008 and why’s he’s fighting him instead of a rematch against Alistair Overeem. He also comments on how this fight compares to his fight with Bob Sapp and Fedor’s fight from last NYE against the Korean giant.

The video’s in Croatian, however, Robert of Free Fight Videos was kind enough to send us the translation.

Cro Cop: “He is dangerous despite being knew to MMA”

The whole world wanted and expected to see Cro Cop fight Alistair Overeem at Fields Dynamite however he is being presented with an entirely different challenge this NYE. Cro Cop will fight giant Hong Man Choi, a man still very new to MMA. His hight is what has made him a dangerous opponent in the ring.

Mirko Cro Cop vs Hong Man Choi on Nova TV

Cro Cop is yet to face Choi in MMA or K1. The Korean is 2.18 meter tall and weighs an indediable 160 kilos. Those numbers exceed even that of Russian boxing champion Nikolaj Valujev.

“Bob Sapp is little heavier than Choi but never the less much shorter. It was the organizations wish that I fight him and I take my orders from them”, said Mirko.

After a successful career in the Korea’s national sport, a combination of Sumo and Wrestling, Choi made the transition to K1. He amassed a record of 17 fights, 12 victories and only 5 loses. He holds victories over the likes of Semmy Schilt, the only person ever to win three straight K1 World GP titles.

“A man his size is very dangerous even without MMA experience. He is skilled, relatively mobile for his height and very strong.” explained the Croatian fighter.

Choi’s record in MMA stands at 1 and 1. His loss coming the world top ranked heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko exactly one year ago.

“He displayed his incredible strength in the Fedor fight. When Fedor got a hold of his arm he was twice able to simply shrug him. He had him in some difficult positions.”

Cro Cop holds only one victory in his last four matches. Hong Man Choi is an is a must win opponent for him. Should he be successful he’ll need to recover his numerous injuries and hope that 2009 is a lot more like 2006 rather than the past two years.