Kinniku Mantaro

FEG is raising the bar for freak show matches. On NYE, Bob Sapp will participate in the freak show that trumps all freak shows when he takes on an actual Japanese cartoon character Kinniku Mantaro at Dynamite!! 2008. How’s that possible you may regrettably wonder…an “All-Japan Wrestling Champion,” Akihito Tanaka, will dress up as Mantaro, mask and all. Nightmare of Battle has all the details…if you really want them.

Kinniku Mantaro is the 59th prince of Planet Muscle (Planet Kinniku) and son of the first Kinnikuman, Suguru Muscle and Belinda Bibinba. Raised during times of peace, he is a spoiled, cowardly, lazy teenager, much like his father was except with more emphasis on cowardice and less on clumsiness. He usually start matches off in a cowardly state, only managing to get a few good moves in due to luck. However, when his friends are in trouble or his opponent is being dishonorable, he manages to reach the state of Kajiba no Kuso Djikara (Burning Inner Strength). When this happens, the Niku-Mark appears on his forehead and his strength, stamina, and technique increase many fold.

Personally, I’d rather see Sapp fight a Smurf, preferably Papa Smurf. Why? More like, why the hell not?


Bob Sapp vs Cartoon