Satoshi Ishii UFC

Satoshi Ishii’s on his way to UFC 92 all decked out in UFC gear. He’s already called out Fedor, Cro Cop and Hong Man Choi, but if he signs with the UFC, those are names he won’t be fighting. So who does he want to fight now? How about Nogueira?

“I don’t think I will sign a contract this time. That will probably be next time I go over. While I’m there this time, I want to invite (Dana White) to a training session to show my potential. Nogueira is a wall that I will need to get through. Next year will be a year of challenge.”

Well, Ishii’s nothing if not ambitious.

Since we’re talking about the UFC and Dana White, I wanted to let you know that MMA Fanhouse will be hosting a live chat with Dana at 4:30PM ET later today. Check it out if you can.