Mirko Cro Cop arrived in Japan today for his fight against Hong Man Choi at Fields Dynamite!! on NYE. In the video above, Cro Cop made a few comments about his opponent and his strategy, and apparently, he doesn’t plan on using his biggest strength—striking. As Fightlinker pointed out, is that really the best gameplan when that’s how everybody else has been beating Choi lately? He’s big and powerful sure, but he’s also very slow. If Mirko wants to fight Choi on the ground, I hope he has a good plan to put Choi on his back because he certainly doesn’t want to end up underneath him. Cro Cop doesn’t exactly have Fedor’s armbar skills after all.

Here’s the translation courtesy of Free Fight Videos.

Cro Cop Doesn’t Plan To Exchange Strikes With Choi

“Its just another fight. I have to follow my game plan. I cant exchange with a man that’s has such big reach and weight advantage over me. I’ll be cautious.” explained Cro Cop.

When asked of what he thought about his opponent “It’s a dangerous fight. Any one that size is dangerous. ”

When asked about his plans for 2009 Cro Cop replied;

“I don’t know. I’ll have to wait and see. I cant say anything right now. I’m just focused on this fight and we’ll see what happens after that.”

Cro Cop has mentioned several time this year that his stay in Japan isn’t a permanent one, which leads to speculation that this could be his last for FEG, at least in the near future. One significant option Cro Cop may have is a return to the UFC, well at least, if this forum post is accurate.

[Dana White] comments on next year at ufc 100 that there will be some great fights, and hints that we could see a return.

“we haven’t really discussed that yet. We have alot of shit we are doing, and that event isn’t on our heads. We could see the return of cro cop on the show, who knows. If he wins, he will definately be welcomed back into the ufc.”

Like Free Fight Videos, who found the post, I was unable to confirm the validity of the quote, however, assuming those words did come out of Dana’s mouth, would Cro Cop be willing to take significantly less than the guaranteed $350k per fight he made in the Octagon in 2007? Even with a win on NYE, you still couldn’t make the argument that Cro Cop has done anything significant enough since he left to warrant the money he made before. I like to think he would take a cut for the opportunity to redeem himself in the UFC, but money talks in this business, and I doubt the UFC will end up as the highest bidder. Well, unless a UFC invasion into Japan that everyone is speculating about really is on the horizon. Cro Cop could certainly be an asset for them there.