For those of you wondering how Wanderlei Silva is doing following his loss last Saturday night, here’s a video interview with him at his after party. No need to worry, he appears to be fine. In fact, you can’t even tell he was on the wrong end of a brutal knockout only hours before. As for what’s next for Wandy, nearly everybody that has written about it has said it’s time for Wandy to move to middleweight, but judging by his responses in the interview it doesn’t sound like he’s too interested. Sticking with his desire to fight at big events, Wandy hopes to make a July return at UFC 100, and if everything falls his way, he wants a rematch with Rampage, and is even open to a fifth fight between the two. That’s one hell of a rivalry. Of course, the UFC will likely want to have a say in Wandy’s plans now, so we’ll have to wait and see.

RawVegas also interviewed Chuck Liddell (after the jump), and if you were wondering why Chuck looked disappointed on the pay-per-view broadcast, it’s because he was apparently going to fight Wandy again if he had won. If the UFC still wants to make that fight, I don’t see why they shouldn’t. They’re both coming off losses…again. As I mentioned above, Wandy wants to wait till July to fight again and Chuck wants to fight in March or April, so it’s pretty safe to say Chuck will be fighting someone else. Who will that be? I don’t know, but Michael Rome made a list of likely candidates that’s worth checking out.


Quick Update: Dana White on Liddell’s next opponent:

“If (Mauricio Rua) Shogun defeats Mark Coleman in Ireland, it could be Shogun — or it could be Wanderlei (Silva),” said White.

Chuck after the jump.