Hong Man Choi & Cro Cop at Dynamite!! Press Conference

Image courtesy of Japan-MMA

The biggest Japanese combat sports event of the year—Fields Dynamite!! 2008—is inching closer to kicking off in Japan. Earlier today (or yesterday?), the participants in the K-1/DREAM mixed event weighed in and a pre-fight press conference was held.

The biggest news coming out the press conference is Jerome LeBanner has come down with the flu and has withdrawn from his DREAM rules bout against hardcore fan favorite Mark Hunt. No need to be disappointed though, since explosive striker Melvin Manhoef has stepped in to replace him. Hunt will have a huge weight advantage in the fight, however, Manhoef is scary fast on his feet, so it should be an entertaining fight if nothing else.

The real disappointing news is that the Event Magic.tv internet pay-per-view deal has fallen through, meaning there will be no way (unless you’re resourceful) to watch the event live in the US.

Andy Olegun missed weight (.88lbs), however it sounded like he would be weighing in again. Not sure what happened with Cro Cop, Bob Sapp and Badr Hari as there was no results listed for them. I’ll update the list if their results come available.

Weigh-in results (converted from kg to lbs), courtesy of Japan-MMA, after the jump.

  • 185.2lbs: Kazushi Sakuraba (182.3) vs. Kiyoshi Tamura (184.3)
  • 154.3lbs: Joachim Hansen (152.8) vs Gesias “JZ” Cavalcante (154.3)
  • 154.3lbs: Shinya Aoki (154.1) vs Eddie Alvarez (152.6)
  • +205.3lbs: Mark Hunt (287.5) vs Melvin Manhoef ()
  • Open: Gegard Mousasi (215.6) vs Musashi (228.8)
  • +205.3lbs: Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic () vs Hong Man Choi (327.4)
  • Open: Alistair Overeem (254.0) vs Badr Hari ()
  • 154.3lbs: Tatsuya Kawajiri (154.3) vs Kozo Takeda (154.1)
  • 176.4lbs: Hayato “Mach” Sakurai (175.7) vs Katsuyori Shibata (175.9)
  • +205.3lbs: Semmy Schilt (285.7) vs Mighty Mo (301.2)
  • +205.3lbs: Bob Sapp vs Kinniku Mantaro (225.5)
  • 165.3lbs: Yukio Sakaguchi (156.1) vs Andy Ologun (166.2)
  • 149.9lbs: Hideo Tokoro (145.5) vs Daisuke Nakamura (148.6)
  • 156.5lbs: Yoshihiro Sato (156.5) vs Artur Kyshenko (156.5)
  • 136.7lbs: Hiroya (136.7) vs Shota Shimada (136.7)
  • 136.7lbs: Tatsuya Kusakabe (133.8) vs Koya Urabe (138.2)
  • Open: Ikuhisa Minowa “Minowaman” (201.7) vs Errol Zimmerman (240.5)
  • 136.7lbs: Daizo Sasaki (134.9) vs Taishi Hiratsuka (133.4)