Dynamite!! Press Conference

Image courtesy of Japan-MMA

The short answer is I don’t know, and from what I can tell, neither does anyone else.

Fightlinker has a post with all the details on why this is a giant clusterfuck, possible times to watch, etc.

By now you might have heard that K1 fucked up hardcore in sorting out a way for people to watch their event. The show starts at 3pm in Japan (11pm EST), but isn’t being broadcast anywhere until 7pm (3AM EST) in condensed format. Those who want to watch the show in it’s full format need access to SkyPerfectTV, which will air the event in an 8 hour format at midnight (8AM EST). Of course, none of this is any good for you if you don’t live in Japan or have access to some impressive satelite service. HDNet isn’t covering the event, and the only official source for people wanting to stream this event over the net has bowed out due to ’satellite issues’.

Basically, there’s two options, and neither are necessarily the right way to do it, but FEG isn’t giving us much of a choice. You do want us to watch the event, right Japan? Anyways, it looks like on the other side of the world the event will be broadcast tomorrow morning at 3AM ET (condensed) and 8AM ET (full) (neither live), so you can try and find a stream somewhere on the internet at those times. Otherwise, the only other option will be to find flash videos of the individual fights. I haven’t decided if I’m going to post them here or not yet, but at the very least, I’ll reconfigure the news ticker on the right sidebar of our homepage to display links to the videos (if available).

As for our coverage, I’m going to avoid any and all MMA news sites until I’ve seen all the fights so I don’t get spoiled. Sorry, but I’m a fan too. Basically, that means there won’t be any other posts tomorrow until I’ve finished watching Dynamite!!. Don’t be afraid to stop by at any time though. I promise there will NOT be any spoilers on our homepage tomorrow once I’ve seen it, including the news ticker (I’ll restore to current form on Thursday), but I will post results, thoughts, and possibly the fights on the other side of the jump, much like I do for all the UFC events.

If anyone has any other ideas, suggestions, or info, please drop us a line in the comments below.

Enjoy the fights, in whatever ridiculous way you have to watch them in!

Update: Fightlinker found a solution for those willing to watch at 5AM ET.

Update II: Fields Dynamite!! 2008 fight videos