Despite all the speculation of DREAM folding after it held it’s last solo event of 2008 back in September, it appears FEG is already laying out their plans for DREAM in 2009.

Nightmare of Battle has the scoop:

  • As expected there will be a Featherweight GP and a Welterweight GP in 2009. It is not clear yet if the Welterweight GP will be 8 or 16-man, but it will most likely revolve around Shinya Aoki and Hayato “Mach” Sakurai.
  • The first DREAM event of 2009 will be held in early March. The Featherweight GP might start at this event.
  • There will be around the same number of DREAM events in 2009 as in 2008
  • Champions in the Light Heavyweight and Heavyweight divisions are planned to be crowned in 2009.

I happen to love DREAM and Japanese MMA, so that sounds good to me.

What really will be intriguing though is how DREAM and Sengoku competes with the UFC should they invade Japan in 2009.

Quick Update: Could Dynamite’s lackluster ratings affect the aforementioned plans?

The ratings for Dynamite!! are in and they are not very good.

Dynamite!! Part 1 (19:00-21:00) 11.8%
Dynamite!! Part 2 (21:00-23:00) 12.9%
Dynamite!! Part 3 (23:00-23:24) 8.4%

Before the event Tanigawa said they were aiming for 15% and over. It’s even worse than last year and much worse than the years before that. I guess this shows how important fighters such as KID and Masato are.