Sadaharu TanikawaWe’re two days removed from Japan’s biggest combat sports event of the year and the post-event fallout is still trickling in. Here’s a few items of interest.

According to Fighters Only Magazine, FEG President Sadaharu Tanikawa made a rather bold statement at the Fields Dynamite!! post-fight press conference. He claimed FEG will buy the UFC…one day.

“The UFC is currently considered the best MMA event,” he acknowledged. “However, I believe we can make our event better than the UFC. We’ll save money and will buy the UFC someday.”

I honestly have no idea what kind of financial state FEG is in. I do know the DREAM events and Dynamite!! both suffered from lackluster ratings, but if I remember correctly, K-1 on its own has been doing pretty good. Regardless, I really couldn’t tell you if FEG could possibly be in a position one day to purchase the UFC, which is said to be worth around a billion dollars, depending on who you ask, but I will say it seems extremely far-fetched at the moment, and likely nothing more than hyperbole as John O’Regan mentioned. Maybe Zach Arnold has something to add if he’s reading this…

Moving on, caught up with Alistair Overeem following his huge upset K-1 victory over Badr Hari. Alistair’s opened a lot of people’s eyes in 2008, and it looks like he has his sights set pretty high in 2009.

Well I chellenged Bonjaksy on k-1 rules and yes Fedor and lesnar or on my list, Mir as well!

Quite the list. Personally, I’d love to see Overeem fight Brock and Fedor in 2009. I highly doubt he’ll get the opportunity to fight both of them, maybe not even either, but if he does, I’d take him over Brock, and while he could definitely be a challenge for Fedor, I just couldn’t pick Alistair in that match-up. As for Cro Cop, well, apparently since Alistair still believes Mirko wouldn’t fight him on NYE, he’s over it and that fight’s now past him.

Speaking of Cro Cop, it sounds like he’s getting close to being ready to retire.

He told Croatian newspaper Jutarnji (‘Early Riser’) today that he turns 35 later this year and has to give serious thought to quitting MMA.

Asked about his plans for the year, he said: “I’m not in the years when you can create a long-term plan… today my health is my priority.

“I believe that during 2009 I will fight three more times for Dream, then I hope for a farewell fight in the UFC.”

It’s been a tough couple years watching our once dominant heroes fall from the pedestals they once stood on—Cro Cop, Wanderlei Silva, Chuck Liddell, Randy Couture, Matt Hughes and most recently Nogueira. Sooner or later, they’ll all have to hang it up. I want to believe Cro Cop will one day return to old form, but honestly, if his body isn’t up to it anymore, then it’s probably better he retire than fight till he becomes another Shamrock or Goodridge.

I do question his four fight plan though if he’s not going to be ready to fight until the second half of 2009.