Mark Coleman

I’ve seen quite a few comments recently on the net about Mark Coleman’s size and questions about how Shogun will be able to handle it, which is certainly understandable considering how large Coleman was back in his heyday.

But, is he really all that big anymore?

It certainly doesn’t look like it in this interview he did with Ariel Helwani (which I’ve embedded after the jump since it autoplays). Now, granted this was shot back in May right after we learned he had injured his knee for the Brock Lesnar fight, and I’ve never met Ariel in person, although he doesn’t strike me as a physically imposing individual (sorry Ariel, no offense!), so perhaps Coleman is bigger now (which his latest video makes it seem).

Point being, while I’m sure he’ll have more size on him than this video suggests, I’m not sold that it will be enough to be a significant factor in this fight, although if Shogun shows up in shape, it shouldn’t matter anyways.

Quick update: Coleman says he currently weighs 220 lbs.