“As far as his stand up game, we’ll kill him. If we can keep the fight standing up, if he chooses to fight us like a man, we’ll dominate him.”

– Freddie Roach, Arlovski’s legendary boxing trainer, basically implying that Fedor is a coward if he takes Andrei down. (MMA Weekly)

At least, Roach acknowledges in the story that he doesn’t understand what he thinks is called an armbar.

You’ve probably already heard the other comments Roach made about Fedor’s technique being poor, and maybe it is, but there’s no denying it works for Fedor. Arlovski is certainly one of the better strikers Fedor has ever faced, but I’m not sold he’s any better than Cro Cop was in his prime when Fedor not only fought him standing up, but more or less dominated him.

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