Fedor Emelianenko vs Andrei Arlovski

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Prior to UFC 91, the biggest heavyweight match that could made in the world was Fedor Emelianenko vs. Randy Couture. At the time, in most people’s rankings, it was #1 vs. #3 (Nogueira was #2, but out of the discussion due to his previous losses to Fedor). That all changed at UFC 91, however. Randy lost to Brock Lesnar, and only a month later Frank Mir knocked Big Nog out of his #2 spot. And what did that leave?

Well, I never thought about until I was looking over Josh Gross’ most recent rankings, and noticed that he now had Andrei Arlovski as the #2 heavyweight in the world. Yes, rankings are subjective and basically the opinion of one person or a collaboration of multiple opinions, but how many people would argue that Andrei isn’t #2 after Couture and Nogueira’s recent losses?

Most lists I saw before UFC 91 had Arlovski at #4, plus he’s won five straight fights including a win over Fabricio Werdum and a pair of impressive victories over the best the IFL had to offer. Who else can you put in front of him? Josh Barnett, who hasn’t beat a top ten opponent since 2006, or Frank Mir, who may have dethroned a legend, but in at least my opinion still has more to prove to be considered the second best heavyweight in the world?

Point being, if you’re not amped for Fedor Emelianenko vs. Andrei Arlovski in 17 days, you should be. Perhaps, Lesnar vs. Mir II is more intriguing to some, but in the pure sporting sense, Fedor vs Arlovski is the best the possible heavyweight fight that can be made today.

It’s #1 vs. #2 in the heavyweight division! When was the last time that happened?