Above is the trailer for a new movie Cung Le is in that’s oh-so-cleverly titled Fighting.

Now, from the post title, you may be thinking that I actually believe this movie will be good. Not even close. It basically looks like a cross between Lionheart and Never Back Down, although I will say Lionheart was bad ass back in the day.

Rampage Jackson & BJ Penn in Never SurrenderBut, when you compare it to Never Surrender starring GSP, Anderson Silva, BJ Penn, Rampage and Heath Herring, man oh man, Fighting starts to look like The Dark Knight of ’09. You see, Fighting at least looks like a real movie, and may even make it to the theaters whereas Never Surrender has similar production values to, oh don’t know, let’s say…porn. Don’t believe me? Check out the trailer and these pics.

So, yeah, Cung Le’s in better movies than other fighters.

Props to Bloody Elbow for the trailer