Roger HuertaRemember Roger Huerta’s new five-fight deal that MMA Weekly reported he signed a month ago? Yeah, well, as it turns out, Roger never actually signed it, and as Sherdog reported today, he’s not going to. Instead, at least for the time being, he has chosen to pursue a career in acting and modeling.

The popular lightweight has turned down a new five-fight contract with the UFC to pursue a career in acting in 2009…

After getting bit by the bug last summer shooting a role in the film “Tekken,” Huerta said the timing felt right to tackle a wholly different challenge.

“I saw that you have to dedicate as much as you do to training for a fight as you do for an acting role and I’m intrigued by that,” said Huerta. “I’m 25 years old. I see Chuck Liddell and Randy Couture and they didn’t really hit their primes till their thirties. I’m only going to be young so long and I know that movies and agencies and what not want the young look.”

Roger still has one fight remaining on his current contract, which he’ll fulfill sometime before December.

As for his relationship with the UFC, Huerta and his management want us to believe everything is fine. He claims he doesn’t plan on exploring opportunities with other promotions once he’s legally able to do so, and when he is ready to return to fighting, he will return to the UFC. Of course, he’d be foolish to say anything different. We shall see.

As for now, the fighter turned actor trend continues. Not that I can blame them. Would you rather be punched in the face for real or pretend to be punched in the face for more money?