The Ladies Love Fedor Emelianenko

I don’t know if this is real or a photoshop, but pretty funny nonetheless. Pro MMA has a gallery of a bunch of sweet Fedor pics you’ve probably never seen.

Speaking of Fedor, you know all the comments Dana White’s recently been making about him not being the best heavyweight in the world and how everybody does what he did to Tim Sylvia? Well, Fedor’s respectful, yet “Oh Snap!” response in 3…2…1.

I think if Dana White says something negative about his [former] champions then he is only saying something negative about his own organization. I have victories over many of the UFC’s champions. If he says something bad about them or me then he only makes his organization look weak.


(Laughs) I think if I fought for the UFC, he would try to sell me as the greatest MMA fighter that ever lived.

Dana wasn’t the only person with negative things to say about Fedor recently. Andrei Arlovski’s legendary boxing trainer, Freddie Roach, picked apart Fedor’s boxing technique. Here’s what Fedor had to say about that.

The beauty about MMA is that every fighter has his own unique style and preferences. But it’s not a beauty contest. We fight to see which fighter’s approach prevails. But again, we are not boxing and we are not fighting Sambo. We fight MMA.

Sometimes it is a trainer’s job to point out weaknesses in his fighter’s opponents. And sometimes it is a trainer’s job to convince his fighter that his opponent has weaknesses. We will see.

We certainly will…