Andrei Arlovski’s camp sure is confident heading into the biggest fight of Andrei’s career. First, Freddie Roach publicly ripped apart Fedor’s boxing technique and proclaimed Andrei would “dominate” him standing up if only Fedor would “fight like a man.” Now, as you’ll see at the 2:15 mark, Arlovski’s manager, Billy Keene, staying with the boxing theme, likens Fedor’s mystique to that of Mike Tyson’s. And guess who Arlovski is? Yep, “the Buster Douglas of mixed martial arts.” At this point, it would only make sense for Fedor to immediately get this fight to the ground, but if we look back to Fedor’s biggest fights, he likes to beat his opponents at their own game. Will he do that here? I don’t know, but honestly, after listening to all this, I would love to see Fedor show Roach and co. just how “poor” his technique is.

It’s undoubtedly a huge fight in the heavyweight division, but will anyone be there live to witness it? Well, if the rumors are true, maybe so, but most probably won’t have paid a dime to get in. The event’s just two weeks out, and word on the street is ticket sales aren’t doing quite as well as Affliction would like you to believe. 4,000? Nope. 3,000? Wrong again. 2,000? Getting warmer. How about 1,500? Bingo. 1,400 – 1,500 tickets sold is the number making the rounds now, and Affliction will neither confirm or deny its accuracy. Hmm…wonder why not?

Speaking of promotions not doing well, Pro Elite still hasn’t closed on a deal yet, despite reports last month that they had accepted someone’s bid. Apparently, potential buyers keep backing out at the last minute after realizing what everyone else already knows—Pro Elite is a bad investment. And yes, that means the fighters are still getting the shaft.