Antonio Big Foot SilvaFor a man who isn’t allowed to fight in the US at least until July, and possibly ever, Antonio Silva sure keeps finding his way into headlines across the internet in recent times. In fact, three stories regarding Antonio popped up today—one quite more serious than the other two.

Apparently, Silva is suing the CSAC to have his steroid suspension overturned.

Suspended fighter Antonio Silva filed a civil action against the California State Athletic Commission on Jan. 7 in Los Angeles Superior Court, the first known case in which a mixed martial artist has legally contested a CSAC decision outside the state regulatory body.

Silva is asking for a “writ of mandate,” or a ruling from the court that will supersede the CSAC’s decision to suspend the fighter for one year for alleged steroid use and possibly allow Silva another hearing to try and prove his innocence.

Silva, through his lawyer Howard Jacobs, who doesn’t seem to be having much luck lately in his MMA cases, is asking the CSAC to postpone that pesky little license revocation hearing scheduled for Feb. 10, although I’m not sure how accommodating the CSAC will be now that Silva is suing them. Not to worry if they don’t grant Silva’s wish though. Jacobs apparently has a few lawyer tricks up his sleeve to stall if need be.

I have no idea how this will all turn out, but at this point, I have a feeling that Silva would have saved himself a lot of time, money, and trouble if he would have just accepted and honored the CSAC’s suspension for, at the very least, taking something that’s basically a legal to sell in stores version of Boldenone.

Moving on, since Silva’s fighting career in still intact overseas, there’s now a rumor spreading that his next fight might be against another heavyweight on the CSAC’s shitlist, Aleksander Emelianenko. For those of you just joining us, Aleks is the younger bigger brother of the baddest man on the planet, Fedor Emelianenko, who hunts bears with a knife and has a banned from Nordstrom Affliction shirt tattooed on his back. Oh yeah, and he might have hepatitis. For those of you haven’t put two and two together yet, I’ll let Fightlinker tell you why these two fighting is so ironic.

Word is Antonio Bigfoot Silva might be fighting Aleksander Emelianenko next. Which begs the question: Wouldn’t it be ironic if Bigfoot’s refusal to fight under the eyes of athletic commissions resulted in him contracting a disease that a commission would have prevented? That fits the description of irony, right?

Sure does.

Now that we may actually get to see Silva tested by a credible heavyweight, we also get to hear the story of how EliteXC shot down his request to fight the least credible one, Kimbo Slice.

“The EliteXC matchmaker told us that Kimbo Slice wouldn’t last more than thirty or forty seconds with me,” Silva told leading Brazil’s leading MMA TV show, Brasil Combate.

He said he was keen for the fight because, despite respecting Kimbo, he resented the amount of attention he received.

“Kimbo has all my respect but he didn’t deserve all attention of the organisation. I bet the rest of my career that any Brazilian lightweight fighter can beat him easily” he explained.

It’s confirmed. Antonio Silva is officially a gambling man, just not a very good one. He should have waited for Japan to book Kimbo vs. JZ Calvancante and bet his career on that instead of screwing with the CSAC. At least those odds would have been in his favor.