MMAFA LogoRobert Maysey’s MMAFA has jumped in the battle to free former EliteXC fighters from ProElite’s death grip.

The press release:

The Mixed Martial Arts Fighters Association (“MMAFA”), on behalf of its members, forwarded a demand letter today to EliteXC Live, a California corporation (“EliteXC”). MMAFA seeks an acknowledgment from EliteXC that its promotional agreements have been terminated. While hopeful that litigation will be unnecessary, a draft of complaint has been prepared and forwarded to EliteXC officials. According to the letter, EliteXC has a limited time in order to voluntarily provide the release to all of the fighters, and if EliteXC refuses, MMAFA will file a complaint.

On November 10, 2008, in an action initially spearheaded by agent Ken Pavia, a group of agents, including Ed Soares and Monte Cox, collaborated to “pool resources” to fight the proposed auction of and transferability of EliteXC’s promotional agreements. “The unity of this effort is unprecedented and the message that is being sent is clear,” declared the agents. Recognizing the success of their prior action, a number of agents sought collective action again in resolving contractual issues with EliteXC.

“This situation has gone on entirely too long,” stated agent Ed Soares. “I can’t have my fighters left in the dark and unable to sign with any promotion they choose.”

Nathan Brodnax, Esq., counsel at MMAagents, echoed Soares comments. “We have made every effort to solve this problem outside the courts and have only turned to legal action as a last resort. Unfortunately, such steps have become necessary to protect the interests of our clients and to ensure their continued ability to make a living. We are confident that the courts will uphold our legal claims and request for relief.”

“Unfortunately, individual litigation is cost prohibitive for our members. While it is our intention to reduce any unneeded expense,” stated Rob Maysey, “MMAFA has reached out to and contacted top litigation counsel and is prepared to litigate this matter to a conclusion. Fighters and their families have been put in an unfortunate position and are unfairly bearing the burden of EliteXC’s situation.”

Maysey continued, “MMAFA acts only upon the instruction of our fighter members and their representatives. MMAFA has actively solicited input from agents and their respective legal teams. This initiative is truly collaborative and support has been widespread. At this time, our focus is solely on resolving the EliteXC contractual issue for our members.”

Best of luck gentlemen.