Chris HorodeckiYou knew everything wasn’t going to go according to plan for Affliction.

Unfortunately, one fighter scheduled to compete on the “Day of Reckoning” card was not cleared to fight by the CSAC, and it’s not who you’re thinking. Gilbert Yvel was actually granted a license to fight Saturday night (more on that in a sec), however, Chris Horodecki was not. Apparently, Chris was unable to pass all of his medical exams.

A source to the fight indicated that Horodecki is off the card after failing a neurological examination. His trainer, Shawn Tompkins, contacted Five Ounces of Pain and stated that Horodecki originally underwent a series of medical exams in Las Vegas but that several items on his medical papers needed to be completed.

An appointment in the Los Angeles area was made in order to complete Horodecki’s forms and Tompkins said the exam went well until Horodecki was administered a pressure test. A doctor determined that Horodecki possessed less than 15% strength in his right arm and that he is likely to be suffering from a bulging disk in his neck.

Back to Yvel, yes, it’s official, he’s been cleared to fight Josh Barnett, but according to the CSAC’s Bill Douglas, he’ll be on a short leash on Saturday night.

“He went through a vary tough licensing process. I would venture to say tougher than anything Mike Kyle or (Kazushi) Sakuraba went through,” he said.

“He went through it, and it was done in a fair and equitable manner, and he made it. Gilbert understands that while we are fair, there is even less than a zero tolerance policy in play here. So at this point, the rest is up to him to show the world what kind of professional he is.”

Oh, and in case you were wondering if Lauzon will still fight, don’t worry, Tom’s on it.

“I couldn’t begin to say, because if they’re not licensed, it doesn’t make sense,” he continued. “I’ve got people scrambling right now, and whatever happens, happens.”

Anybody else get the feeling that “whatever happens, happens,” is pretty much how Tom feels about his fight promotion about now?