Affliction made quite the promotional push this week—press conferences, viral videos, Fedor appearances, Trump Jr. hitting the tube, NY Times coverage. With rumors flying about catastrophically low ticket sales, a lack of hype behind their main event, and the assumption in people’s minds that this is their last show, was it enough to help pull off a miracle for Affliction tonight, or at least enough to deliver decent enough numbers to justify continuing operations? Who knows, but the promoter of record, Roy Englebrecht says they’re on their way to another $2 million gate.

“We have a good chance to have back-to-back $2-million gates. Ticket sales have picked up this week and we are looking forward to a great show.”

Quick Update: Sherdog is reporting that according to multiple sources, 11,000 tickets have been sold, which would put it on par with “Banned.”

The Fox News Fight Game panel discusses UFC 94 after the jump.