Unfortunately, this video, care of Sherdog.com, is the only footage I’ve been able to find of the Affliction post-fight press conference thus far. If I find anything else, I’ll add it later. Nonetheless, here’s a few of the news items and quotes in the wake of Affliction’s second highly entertaining event.

Tom Atencio announced there 13,228 attendees on hand at The Honda Center. At the present time, it is unknown how many of those were paid, and what the live gate was.

Five Oz’s Sam Caplan is hearing talks have already begun to book Fedor vs. Barnett for their next show, which is apparently targeted for sometime this summer (May-July), that is if Affliction puts on a third show.

–Despite looking like he might never get up, Matt Lindland was seen at the official event hotel following the show signing autographs, according to Five Ounces. Sounds like he’s going to be fine.

As mentioned in the fighter salary post, the HBO boxing commentators stated during their broadcast last night that Affliction paid Oscar De La Hoya and Golden Boy $5 million to help promote Affliction’s event, and have a presence at “Day of Reckoning.”

Post-fight presser quotes from Fedor:

“I didn’t really think that I was really in any danger in the fight. I like to feel that I felt — not only usually, but particularly in this fight — felt comfortable and OK with where I was during the fight. I just didn’t feel that I was in any danger…I really felt comfortable, and I felt his speed. Yes, he is fast. But I didn’t really feel that I was having trouble finding range. He’s got very quick hands. He’s got great skill. But I felt after a while that I was able to counter his attack and felt comfortable in there…I just think he made a mistake. I saw on opening and my automatic reaction was to throw the right hand. For that [flying knee] of Arlovski’s, we didn’t really train or prepare for that particular move. But there are certain scenarios that we prepare for based on what’s going on in the ring. In that situation it was basically an automatic response…Honestly I haven’t seen the fight yet, but I felt based on just feeling myself in the ring, I felt it was an even fight — up until the point I knocked him out.”

Post-fight presser quotes from Arlovski:

“I did pretty good in the first few minutes. But then I tried to do something flashy and paid for it. I have to sit down with myself and figure out why I didn’t listen to my trainers…Every single jab or right hand, I thought that I hurt him. It was very effective for me. I don’t know why I changed my tactic. One little mistake and I paid for this. All my hard work and training, I just threw it in the toilet…Tonight it was a great opportunity for me to make history. I’m really worried that somebody will beat Fedor. I just want to wish him that he’s wins against all his next opponents until our next match…He’s a great fighter (but) sooner or later someone will beat him. I’m very upset with myself that I wasn’t that person. You know he’s a human.”

–Honest comments from Fedor’s trainer, Vladimir Voronov, to SI.com’s Josh Gross.

“[Fedor’s] obviously got unbelievable potential, but he had some distractions getting ready for this fight. The movie. The commercials. If Fedor wants to keep winning, and winning well, he needs to train professionally. Right now he won with his old tricks. The fact that Fedor won, don’t get me wrong, I’m very happy about. But he won this fight because of the training before this fight. The experience he had before this fight. The trainers did everything we could to get him ready. But for title fights, we can’t train the way we trained for this one.”

Sherdog post-fight interview with Andrei Arlovski after the jump.