In a video interview with Five Oz., Tom Atencio said there will be a third show, “possibly” in July or August. I guess that means the four events a year plan that Atencio spoke of just a week or two ago is already in the can, although considering the source, I’m sure we’ll hear something entirely different in a matter of days. Of course, pay-per-view numbers haven’t come in yet either, so you have imagine those results will factor into their decision making process.

Moving on, Golden Boy, specifically Chief Marketing Officer Bruce Binkow, is refuting the rumor that Oscar De La Hoya was paid $5 million to attend “Day of Reckoning.”

“It’s ridiculous [to say] that there was a $5 million dollar fee paid [for de La Hoya’s attendance]. There’s a financial commitment obviously that Affliction made, and Oscar felt an obligation through his partners at Affliction [to attend]. I don’t know how more simple it can be and why it’s any more complicated than that…The [Affliction] pay-per-view date was set long before the boxing event, and Oscar didn’t feel right about offending his commitment to our partners in Affliction.”

Personally, I think this report or rumor (whatever you want to call it) got a little out of hand. Merchant never specifically said Oscar was paid $5 million to just show up at “Day of Reckoning.” What he did say was Golden Boy was paid $5 million for Oscar to be personally involved in the promotion of the event, which includes being present at the arena, but not limited to that. Plus, this is all second hand info at best coming from a commentator. The $5 million, if correct, could have covered all of Golden Boy’s involvement with the promotion and production for all we know. Paying Tim Sylvia $800k was a stupid decision, but I don’t think we know or understand nearly enough of what’s going on behind the scenes at Affliction to judge whether or not this was a wise business decision. Nonetheless, Michael Rome has an interesting take on how it may have been.