Vitor Belfort

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This will surely rank up there as one of the more ridiculous things we’ll hear all week. Fresh off his impressive KO of Matt Lindland, Vitor Belfort apparently thinks he’s invincible. In an interview with, he says he wants to fight the best in the world, and I’m not talking about Anderson Silva in the middleweight division he competes in. I’m talking about Fedor Emelianenko.

Next show it’ll be me and Fedor. We’ll see, that could be one of the options. I wouldn’t have to move up much in weight, I just won’t drop any. I’d just fight at my natural weight. I drop at least 10 pounds to fight. I wouldn’t have to drop anything and it would be a good opportunity.

If I were to fight Fedor I’d have to fight him standing, beat him standing. He was breaking and Arlovski had that fight in the palm of his hand.

Vitor, just one question, why? You turned in impressive performances against Terry Martin and Matt Lindland, your career is getting back on track, and people are talking about you again for all the right reasons. Why kill your momentum by fighting a guy who’s just going to dump you on your head and beat you senseless?

No one wins here Vitor, no one.