Affliction Golden Boy

The live gate numbers are in and it looks it just enough to cover Andrei Arlovski’s purse—$1,512,750 to be exact. Of the 13,228 people that attended “Day of Reckoning,” 8,946 of them actually paid to be there. For those wondering how that compares to “Banned,” Affliction made approximately $500,000 less with 2,296 less paying customers this time around. If you look on the bright side, I suppose you can at least say it wasn’t the disaster it appeared it was going to be just days before the event.

Now, back to the shit storm Larry Merchant started on Saturday night claiming Affliction paid Golden Boy $5 million for their involvement in the promotion of “Day of Reckoning.”

At this point nothing is clear. Basically, Sherdog, Sam Caplan, and Kevin Iole have all tried to get to the bottom of this, and big surprise, every story is different. The person Sherdog spoke to at Golden Boy says there was a “financial commitment” made by Affliction, but not $5 million. Yesterday, Kevin Iole spoke to Larry Merchant, who said Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer gave him the $5 million figure. Of course, Schaefer, speaking to Iole, vehemently denies that Golden Boy made even a cent. And rounding it out is Sam Caplan who is reporting Golden Boy was paid a six-figure fee for helping to produce and promote the event.

What a freakin’ mess. So far, the only person claiming the $5 million fee is a man who hates MMA more than I hate American Idol (I really don’t like American Idol), so I’m inclined to believe him about as much as I believe Fedor was only paid $300,000 to knock out Andrei Arlovski. Which leaves, maybe Affliction coughed up an additional few hundred grand or maybe they didn’t.

Either way, it really doesn’t matter. The numbers don’t lie. Bottom line is, unless by some miracle a few hundred thousand people purchased the pay-per-view, Affliction is still bleeding money out of their ears. At this point, they either press forward knowing they’re most likely going to lose more, find someone else’s money to lose, or shut it down.

Oh, and by the way, Schaefer did say Affliction was pretty pissed off when they found out their “partners” had scheduled Mosley vs. Margarito for the Staples Center in neighboring Los Angeles. Of course, Tom Atencio maintains that Oscar and Richard are “good partners.”