Dana White sat down with Steve Cofield yesterday and discussed a myriad of things including Dana’s thoughts on Fedor’s win over Andrei Arlovski. Apparently, Dana still hasn’t seen the fight. Here’s what he had to say.

White: I haven’t seen the fight. I swear to God I haven’t.
Cofield: What’s your thoughts on the fact that [Fedor] took out Andrei Arlovski in three minutes?
White:Yeah, and so did Tim Sylvia. Trust me, I get it. And Andrei Arlovski knocked out Tim Sylvia in the first round too. The bottom line is this. If Fedor doesn’t care then neither do I. If he wants to come over and fight the best in the world then that’s cool with me…At the end of the day, if Fedor wants to fight here I’m here, if he doesn’t I don’t care.

Thanks to the Larry Merchant fiasco, which Dana also says isn’t true, we found out that Golden Boy’s compensation is tied into the pay-per-view revenue, but we didn’t know how much. Well, at least according to Dana, that number is 20%.