NSAC Rubbing Vaseline off GSP's back—It appears GSP’s dominant victory over BJ Penn wasn’t without controversy. Penn’s camp has filed a formal complaint with the NSAC claiming one of GSP’s cornerman rubbed Vaseline on GSP’s back between rounds one and two, according to CagePotato.com. As seen in the animated gif, NSAC officials made attempts to remove the Vaseline with towels in between rounds. GSP acknowledges the incident in the video above (at the 5:30 remaining mark), but implies that it was simply an innocent mistake.

During a post-fight appearance on ESPN’s MMA Live St-Pierre explained that one of his trainers applied Vaseline to his face between the first and second rounds then rubbed his back with the same hand between the second and third rounds, accidentally applying some remaining Vaseline to his back. An NSAC official who witnessed the transfer had the Vaseline immediately wiped off with a towel.

Dana White had this to say about it.

“It didn’t affect the outcome of the fight, but you don’t do it. I don’t think Georges knew, but the guy who did it, he should never be allowed to corner another fighter again.”

It’s now in the NSAC’s hands to determine if there was any intentional wrongdoing.

I’m not really sure what to think of it. Maybe it was intentional, maybe it wasn’t, but the either way it definitely looks like GSP had Vaseline on his back. Did it affect the outcome of the fight though? I seriously doubt it.

Animated gif courtesy of Smoogy on the UG

—At the post-fight press conference, Dana White apparently addressed the UFC light heavyweight title picture following Lyoto Machida’s impressive knockout of Thiago Silva. It appears Rampage Jackson will determine who gets the nod. If he defeats Keith Jardine at UFC 96, Quinton will move on to challenge Rashad Evans for the title, however if Jardine wins, Machida will get the much deserved opportunity.

—Also from the post-fight press conference, Dana White confirmed the UFC’s interest in Japan.

“The Japanese market has always been important to me,” White said. “It’s a very, very, very tough place to navigate and do business. But, [expletive] ’em. We’re going to do it anyway. They will not stop me from going into Japan.”

Dana also confirmed their interest in Caol Uno, Kid Yamamoto, and Satoshi Ishii. Ishii’s already made it quite clear who he wants to fight for, and after making an appearance at WEC 38 and on Dana’s video blog, it’s apparent that Kid and Uno are quite interested as well. Kid and Ishii would both be huge assets in terms of drawing power should the UFC take the plunge in The Land of the Rising Sun.

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