GSP Gives BJ Penn a Beating

More UFC 94 photos at Las Vegas Sun has learned through BJ Penn’s trainer, Rudy Valentino, that BJ has changed his mind again, and will file a formal complaint regarding GSP’s alleged greasing, after all.

After reportedly deciding to shelve a complaint against UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre, it appears B.J. Penn and his representatives have had a change of heart.

Penn’s trainer, Rudy Valentino, told by text message that Penn has decided to move forth in filing a formal complaint with the Nevada State Athletic Commission alleging Georges St. Pierre’s corner knowingly and illegally used Vaseline on his body to gain an unfair advantage Saturday night.

“Lawyers for B.J. are writting (sic) a complaint with the commission,” Valentino said. “I just spoke to J.D. and B.J. a few minutes ago. They feel they have ations (sic).”

I have been wrestling back and forth on where I stand on this topic, but it seems as though BJ Penn isn’t the only one who believes that GSP can be a bit slippery. Jason Miller, Sean Sherk, and Matt Serra have all voiced similar concerns about St. Pierre after fighting the Canadian. Most of these men have also stated that they don’t believe that it had a huge impact on the outcome of the fight and that they most likely would have been beaten by St. Pierre regardless.

I think it is a good move for BJ Penn to move ahead with a formal complaint. At least that way the issue is our there for the commission to investigate and decide upon. If nothing else, we can rest assured that St. Pierre’s future opponents will not have to deal with any further ‘greasing’.

There is still the trouble of St. Pierre’s future opponents having to deal with one of the most complete fighters in the world out to prove something. This time he might come to fight angry.

Good luck Thiago.