Anderson Silva and Dana White

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According to Dana White, Georges St. Pierre is still one step behind Anderson Silva in the pound-for-pound rankings.

“I still wouldn’t call him pound for pound the best in the world, but he’s number two, no doubt about it. Georges takes out Thiago Alves? He’s on his way. I would say Georges St. Pierre would be neck and neck with Anderson had he not lost to Matt Serra.”

For those of you having trouble reading between the lines, here’s what Dana is really saying.

“If I have to admit that GSP is truly the best fighter in the world and maybe Anderson Silva is tied with him for first, or even the second best, I will never be able to sell Anderson Silva to North American fans. GSP is well on his way to screwing up any chance we have of making Silva a box office and pay-per-view mega-star. Even if GSP takes out Thiago Alves, I can still cite the Matt Serra loss (read: fluke) as the reason why the best fighter in the world is from Brazil and not Canada.”

Even with Dana’s huge push to make people believe that Silva is the best fighter in the world, and he very well may be, Silva still does not draw huge on pay-per-view. Should Anderson Silva lose the aura of being the best fighter in the world, how much lower do you expect his pay-per-view numbers will drop?

I can name at least one man who does not want to find out.