UFC LogoDana White has confirmed that the successful “UFC Primetime” special will return later in 2009 for more highly anticipated fights. 

“We’ll do it again,” White said in the post-UFC 94 press conference.”I think we’d save ‘Primetime’ for a couple of big fights a year, maybe three at most. But we’ll definitely do it again.”

MMA Junkie points out that “one obvious option for the next ‘Primetime’ installment is an upcoming title unification bout and rematch between UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar and interim title-holder Frank Mir. The fight is expected to headline UFC 98 in May.”

I tend to agree with this assessment. Should the UFC plan to promote three fights a year by using the “Primetime” special, then fans should expect the next one around the time of this fight. There are two other important things to consider other than simply the timing being right. First, this fight marks the end of the mini-tournament for the UFC heavyweight title. Many fans have been following this tournament due to the legendary names involved in it, as well as the fact that no one really knows how good Brock Lesnar can be.

More importantly, however, is the fact that this is a rematch and that both of these aren’t too fond of each other. The parallel between this match-up and the GSP/BJ Penn fight is too obvious to overlook. Both Brock Lesnar and Frank Mir aren’t often mentioned in the top pound-for-pound rankings, but the similarities in these two match-ups should be quite apparent. When it comes to producing a “Primetime” special around this fight, expect the same dynamic that we saw leading up to this past weekend’s super fight. 

I can see it now. “I’m a different fighter than I was when we first fought.” The only question is which fighter says this the most during their three part series. We understand it guys. You both think you’re the more improved fighter.