Georges St. Pierre Defeats Matt Serra for the UFC Welterweight was recently able to sit down with Georges St. Pierre and ask the UFC Welterweight Champion about his fight with BJ Penn, the current controversy he faces, and what might be next for the French Canadian.

GSP had this to say when asked about his feelings on BJ Penn and his camp filing an official complaint:

I just can’t believe it. I don’t know. I’m just surprised. I’m not a cheater. What happened is my trainer, my Muay Thai coach, he put Vaseline on my face and then put his hand on my chest and back. But that’s a technique we use for breathing. It’s good. It’s used in Muay Thai. I use it in many of my fights. If you look at my previous fights, it’s not the first time he does that. Then B.J. said he put Vaseline and rubbed my back. Anyway, I think it’s an excuse. I have nothing to hide. I’m not even afraid to go into court and fight that.

It seems as though St. Pierre and Greg Jackson are both on the same page when it comes to these allegations. Both men agree that the incident did occur, but that the whole situation is being overblown and that neither of them are guilty of cheating. With the legacy that both of these men are carving out for themselves in mixed martial arts, let’s hope this is the case.

Josh Gross also took the time to ask St. Pierre about the strategy that he employed in his fight against Penn. After hearing St. Pierre’s post-fight comments about adopting a strategy that would cause blood to flow to Penn’s shoulders, therefore causing the speed of his hands to decrease, St. Pierre gives us a bit of insight into the strategy he used on the ground:

When somebody has flexible hips, normally he has a weak thoracic cage. His bones are weaker. It’s science. And with B.J., that’s the case. He has very flexible hips, so his core is weaker than somebody who has normal hips.

You don’t normally hear about fighters studying their opponents to the degree that St. Pierre does. It will be interesting to see what St. Pierre has in store for Thiago Alves, and perhaps Anderson Silva down the road.

Be sure to read the complete interview with GSP over at It’s definitely worth checking out.