Anderson SilvaBefore Silva’s most recent outing with Patrick Cote, he said he was planning to retire after finishing the six fight left on his contract. This came as a huge shock to the MMA world considering Silva is one of the most well respected fighters in the sport. He has been on an absolute rampage through the UFC, going undefeated and seeing the third round only once since he joined the organization.

I think I can speak for most fans when I say that Silva leaving the sport is a reality none us want to see to come to fruition. Luckily, we won’t have to anytime soon. Ed Soares released a statement via MMA Fanhouse regarding the situation.

“When he came out and we started representing him, I asked him what his long term goal was. He always said he imagined himself retiring at 35. That’s his goal. And my goal as his manager is to set him up financially so that he has a choice. Do I think he’s going to retire at 35? No, I don’t.”

Although this did not come from Anderson personally, Soares has a good reputation, and there’s no reason to consider the statement not true.

I must say it is quite a relief to know that arguably the UFC’s best knockout artist will keep on fighting. I think a permanent jump to 205 would be a good move for Silva. It would provide stiffer competition, and may refresh his desire to compete for longer.

Silva will be in action next at UFC 97 in Montreal against top contender, Thales Leites.