Stitch DuranIn the wake of the GSP-Penn greasing controversy, many writers have suggested a rule change that would only allow cutmen to handle the Vaseline in between rounds to prevent further issues.

Well, whether the UFC actually took that suggestion to heart or just came up with it on their own, it appears they have elected to institute that very policy.

According to sources close to the situation, the UFC has now instructed that cornermen associated with the fighters will no longer be allowed to handle the Vaseline used in between rounds to treat and prevent cuts.

The UFC will now provide one cut man for each corner for the fight. Only two people are allowed to enter the Octagon between rounds so if a cut man is necessary to apply Vaseline or work on a cut, one of the other cornermen working with the fighter must exit the cage to allow the cut man to work.

Nice job, UFC.

Now, if only the commissions will adopt this rule for all the non-UFC events, the problem should hopefully be resolved across the board. Of course, the NSAC still has to actually make a rule that defines greasing as illegal.

One step at a time I suppose. This is the government we’re talking about, after all.