MoneyThe UFC has long given fight bonuses for the Fight of the Night, Knockout of the Night, and Submission of the Night. They’ve also claimed to give undisclosed bonuses to fighters when they feel that their performance inside of the Octagon was worthy of a few more dollars. Beginning at UFC 94, however, the UFC offered an extra incentive for fighters to finish their fights. Considering all competitors were made aware of this bonus before the event began, the amount of decisions during UFC 94 may not have been what the UFC expected.

The UFC offered 20,000 bucks to every fighter that ‘cleanly finished his opponent’ at UFC 94. You know the results: everyone except Lyoto Machida and Georges St Pierre choked, resulting in 8 fights out of 10 going to decision.

Although the UFC did not have to pay up on their generous offer, this is a step in the right direction. It will be interesting to see if the UFC decides to offer this incentive in the future, or if they choose to revert back to their old ways and simply give out extra bonuses when they see fit. Though I don’t think that we will see more fights finished should they choose to permanently adopt this new strategy, it’s still very commendable that they chose to give their fighters a chance to cash an extra check at the end of the night.

If it wasn’t already painfully obvious before, St. Pierre and Machida truly were the big winners on January 31st.