BJ PennThere are very few, if any, mixed martial artists who use the Internet as a tool to reach out to fans as well as BJ Penn has proven to do. The UFC Lightweight Champion is taking it another step further with the launch of his online radio show, which is set to debut tonight.

BJPENN.COM, the #1 fighter website in MMA, is set to launch an online radio show this Wednesday, February 11th at 3PM PT (1PM Hawaii time). The first guest will be none other than BJ Penn, who has not given an in depth interview since his controversial fight to GSP. The radio program is scheduled to run weekly and will feature some of the biggest names in MMA. Please log on to BJPENN.COM and tune in this Wednesday, February 11th at 3PM/PT (1PM in Hawaii).

BJ Penn is known for speaking his mind and tonight should be no different. Expect him to address his loss to GSP, the controversy surrounding it, his future in the sport, as well as many other topics. It should be interesting to hear his thoughts and find out where his mind is at after his lopsided loss at UFC 94.

Make sure to visit his website in advance of the launch of the show and ensure that you sign up as a member. You will need to be logged into the site to tune in.