BJ PennIf you missed BJ Penn’s inaugural radio show earlier this evening, you missed some interesting bits of information from the man himself. Penn was candid, as usual, and didn’t dodge any questions that were posed to him.

Some of the more interesting revelations included BJ not remembering much of the fight against St. Pierre past the second round, the fact that he never did really want to kill Georges, and that he feels in his gut that he will be around fighting for the next ten years.

However, one thing that stood out most occurred when BJ Penn was asked about his thoughts on Kenny Florian moving his training camp to the Tristar Gym in Montreal, in order to train with the man who just retained the welterweight crown.

Most people have commended Florian in recent days, and why not? GSP has solved the BJ Penn puzzle on two separate occasions, and can surely lend Kenny a helping hand.

Penn did not see it the same way.

Upon being asked what he thought about Kenny’s plan, BJ told all those watching that it was Florian, in fact, who had first warned Penn that GSP might employ a tactic that might leave him a little bit ‘greasier’ than usual. This is an interesting accusation to say the least.

Could Penn simply be stirring the pot in advance of Florian’s training camp, set to kick off shortly in Montreal? Or perhaps Florian was the man responsible for giving the lightweight champ the heads up? Either way, Florian could be in for a few long days of training once he touches gloves with St. Pierre. It will be quite interesting to hear what the two new training partners have to say about this.

Let the games begin.

Quick Update: Bloody Elbow says Kenny Florian denies the accusation that he tipped Penn off about GSP’s alleged greasing. Mike was right, let the games begin.