Paulo Filho Submits Chael SonnenYes, Chael Sonnen really said he’s better than Anderson Silva. See:

In my opinion, these are the two best guys fighting right now, me and Maia. I think whoever wins this fight is the best middleweight in the UFC. I think I’m better than Anderson and I think Demian’s better than Anderson; I think we would both beat him. For my money, this is the fight to figure out who’s the best. But who’s the best and who’s the champion are two different deals.

The best part is how he reached such a bold conclusion.

Anderson Silva has gone on record and said, “I can’t beat Paulo Filho.” Anderson’s manager went on record saying he can’t beat Paulo Filho. And Paulo Filho went on record as saying, “Anderson can’t beat me.” It wasn’t like Anderson massaged Paulo’s ego and then Paulo came back and massaged his. Everybody involved in that training camp said that Paulo beats him.

I defeated Paulo Filho — that gives me a good argument.

Yep, good old MMA math, but not even MMA math based entirely on what’s happened inside the cage. And the part that did, I’m not even sure if that abomination of a fight should count in his “argument.”

Does anything further really need to be said about this?