Antonio Rodrigo NoguieraAfter their losses in round one of the unofficial UFC heavyweight mini-tournament, Randy Couture and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira have been looking towards a potential showdown against each other to determine the eventual bronze medal winner. Though both men have needed time to mend recent injuries, this bout could take place as soon June, at UFC 99.

Luiz Alves, Nogueira’s Muay Thai coach, spoke to Tatame about the possible match-up.

“He was supposed to fight Randy (Couture), but I don’t know. They haven’t confirmed it yet, and Couture also did a surgery in his elbow… But I prefer this fight, it’ll be good to Rodrigo. They want this fight and I believe it won’t be that difficult to Rodrigo. It’s a tough fight, but I think Randy has no knockout power in his punch and, on the ground, Rodrigo will submit”, bets.

Couture is scheduled to do something that no one really cares about act until mid-May, and at his age, a June showdown with Nogueira might be too quick of a turnaround for the former champion. I’m sure the UFC wouldn’t object to having ‘Captain America’ on their July 11th card, however, as he is truly one of the sports pioneers.

And why not showcase one of the classiest competitors the UFC has ever seen at UFC 100? It’s not like the overseas cards really need a main event anyways, right?