UFC 95

Mine is without a doubt, and Dana please don’t get mad at me, Fedor Emelianenko. That guy is straight up a legend. To see that guy get in the ring every time is phenomenal. You guys asked me and I was gonna hold back, but I don’t even know if this guy’s human. He gets hit and he comes back. Take your guard down for one second, and he going to crack you and break your jaw. If you go to the ground with the guy, the guy’s gonna pull an armbar that’s just pure art. And on top of that, the guy has no emotion. It’s like he’s ice cold. I really respect the way he comes in with the cross and gives respect to the Lord after the fight, and think that’s why God makes him such a great champion.

–Diego Sanchez, responding to the question of who he thinks is the best fighter in the world (around the 3/4 mark).

Diego went on to say he thinks Anderson Silva is also one of the pound-for-pound best, but has holes in his game. Bet Dana loved that.

Audio courtesy of Tapout Radio via Bloody Elbow