Wanderlei Silva After Defeating Keith Jardine At UFC 84

Photo property of UFC.com

To say that the ‘Axe Murderer’ is at a crossroads in his career is quite the understatement.

Since moving to the UFC from Pride, Silva has dropped two of his three fights in the Octagon, and his future in the light heavyweight division is surely a question mark at this point. Silva has always been a relatively small light heavyweight—he is said to walk around at 208 pounds—and the challenge to cut to middleweight has now been put in front him.

Silva has accepted the challenge, but notes that the move might not be a permanent one.

“Yeah, I could try because every guy in my division have to cut to 205 and my normal is 208. I’m going to test now… I’m going to cut my weight. Maybe I go to fight in my next fight at 185,” says Silva. Always toeing the company line, he’s not ready to make a permanent move, adding, “I could fight in both divisions; I could fight 185 and 205.”

At this point, how can anyone truly argue that the move down to 185 isn’t in Silva’s best interest? There are many exciting match-ups for him at that weight, and he will pose a unique threat to anyone in that division. Though his best days are seemingly behind him, Silva is still a fan favorite and his competitive spirit will continue to ensure that he is never in too far over his head.

Silva does not yet know what the UFC has planned for him, but he has stated that he will be ready to fight in June or July.

I’m sure many people are envisioning a clash between the two Silva’s at middleweight for the title down the road, but that is not the match-up that I would most like to see Wanderlei take on in this division. Personally, I think a war with Patrick Cote, once he is healthy of course, could be legendary.

Joe Silva does read this, right? Make it happen.