Dana WhiteIt looks like he’s at least going to try.

According to Corus Sports, Dana White will be heading to Quebec to meet with the RACJ in attempt to save UFC 97. Translated (via Google):

Depending on what CKAC Sports has learned, the key decision of the RACJ have planned a meeting next week with Dana White to try to save the event.

La réunion se voudrait une tentative «d’aplanir les difficultés avec une grande ouverture d’esprit», selon ce qu’une source près du dossier à confié à CKAC Sports vendredi. The meeting would be an attempt “to resolve problems with an open mind,” according to a source close to the dossier entrusted CKAC Sports Friday.

Zach Arnold has a detailed report on the situation over at Fight Opinion, and honestly, it doesn’t look good. The RACJ appears to be pretty stubborn about the whole situation. These new rules they’ve talking about (no knees or elbows, halting a fight when a fighter gets knocked down, etc.) are basically old rules that have always been in their rulebook, however, the individuals running the commission before essentially ignored them and let organizations abide by the Unified Rules of MMA. Now, with new management in place, they’re determined to make everyone play by the rules in the rulebook.

If Dana is unable to pull a rabbit out of his hat next week, let’s just hope there’s enough time for the UFC to relocate the event rather than completely cancel it.