KJ NoonsScott Coker had wanted to book a match between Strikeforce Lightweight Champion Josh Thomson and former EliteXC Lightweight Champion KJ Noons for their Showtime event on April 11, but apparently it’s not going to work out.

According to Coker, Noons claims he wants to continue with his boxing career instead.

“Josh Thomson will fight. We offered it to K.J. Noons, (but) it looks like that fight will not happen. K.J. is focusing on his boxing career, so he will not be available,” Coker stated.

“I think we’ll always extend the invitation,” Coker said about bringing Noons into the Strikeforce fold. “It’s really going to be up to K.J. If he really has had success in boxing, cause I understand he has, and he’s trying to become a boxer, then he’s not going to be able to be an MMA fighter at this point in his career.”

If you remember from last year, Noons was involved in a major contract dispute with EliteXC management. He relinquished/was stripped of (depending on who you ask) his title and subsequently labeled himself as a “free agent.” Noons had a long list of gripes with EliteXC, but the main reason for the dispute was because Nick Diaz was being promoted more heavily and making three times more money than him.

Now, several months later, Noons is being asked to fight on a card that Diaz is headlining, and more than likely still getting paid more than KJ would. So, while I suppose we should take Coker’s word for it, I can’t help but wonder if Noon’s decision to box is more about Nick Diaz and less about his boxing career.