Frank ShamrockEd. note: Thanks again to Adam Baker at for allowing us to share another one his exclusive interviews with our readers.

We want to take a moment to thank Frank for speaking with us today. We would like to ask everyone to please check out his website! Frank, great having you with us today. What have you been up to? Have you been training? Injuries all mended up?

Frank Shamrock: I have been opening new Shamrock MMA schools and spending time with my baby daughter nicolette; she was born in april of 08. I train every day except Sundays and I have really been studying boxing and wrestling. All of the big injuries have healed up and I feel pretty good. You have made it official that you will be fighting Nick Diaz – What do you think of him as a fighter, and what do you think of the Match-up (your predictions for the fight)

Frank Shamrock: I like Nick as a fighter. He’s always game to fight and always comes forward. I dont like the way he represents the sport at all. He acts like a punk kid. I like the match up and think it swings well for me in the striking. He’s got a good ground game and i think he will trade with me and get KO’d. If you win against Nick, who is next on your list? Is there anyone in particular you would like to fight?

Frank Shamrock: After i beat Nick I would like to fight Tito and then Cung Le again. I would still like to fight Ken too if he can get to the ring. Any desire to go over to Affliction and fight some of their guys who called you out (Vitor Belfort and Tito Ortiz)

Frank Shamrock: I would love to fight both Vitor and Tito. I dont think i will be in the afffiction shows, as i am down with Strikeforce and Showtime. We have to ask. Any chance we ever see you fighting in the UFC, possibly against Anderson Silva?

Frank Shamrock: I am open to all things. I would love to fight silva and have been a fan for many years. Frank, we have a HUGE Croatian fan base, and the croatians on asked me to ask you this because they respect you so much. “What are your thoughts On Mirko Crocop, past and present?

Frank Shamrock: Mirko is a great fighter and ambassador for the sport and country. I think he has always been a great fighter with an amazing focus for combat. Frank, what are your thoughts on the WAMMA belt and WAMMA system of crowning a single champion in each weight class across promotional lines?

Frank Shamrock: WAMMA is a great idea. It’s time for the sport to recognize a world champion in each weight class. It will happen when the fans demand it. Frank, there is still lot’s of talk about your brother Ken, and the possible match-up between you guys. Will this ever happen do you think? Do you think he still has it in him to fight, or should he hang em up?

Frank Shamrock: Fighting ken has been a dream of mine for a long time. I worked for over two years to make this fight happen and ken’s actions and decisions with his brand and his fights have made it near impossible. I still have hopes that it will happen, as its an important story to tell. But yes he is done and should hang it up. Frank, is there anyone you would like to thank or say something too?

Frank Shamrock: I want to thank my wife, staff and students for supporting me and my dreams. Its been an amazing journey and i could not have done it without them. We know that you are also a business man as well as figurehead for the entire sport, whats next for Frank Shamrock the business man?

Frank Shamrock: The next venture for me is publishing my book ‘MMA for Dummies’ with the worlds largest publishing company, Wiley Publishing. I am so excited about sharing my 15 years of study with the world and showing everyone what MMA is really about. Also I am bringing MMA to the masses with my Shamrock MMA franchise which i have opened 3 so far. Frank, it’s been a honor speaking with you. We wish you the best of luck. Thanks again Frank!

Frank Shamrock: Thank you for the support!