Dana White

Photo courtesy of Sherdog.com

Dana White has always had nothing but positive things to say about Strikeforce and Scott Coker. Of course, that was when Strikeforce wasn’t a national player, but now that they are, has Dana’s tune changed?

Actually, no, it hasn’t.

Unlike promoter Affliction, which has put on two pay-per-view events focusing on the heavyweight class, Strikeforce has no quarrel with UFC, the dominant force in MMA.

“I’m sure they’re going to put on some good shows, and hopefully, they can make that business model work for them,” White says. “I’ve got nothing negative to say about them whatsoever.”

At this point, you’d be hard pressed to find anything negative to say about Strikeforce and Coker. Basically, they haven’t done anything stupid in their existence like EliteXC and Affliction, whose lists of horrible decisions stretches from one end of the country all the way to other.

However, while we may not hear Dana chastise Strikeforce in the media, don’t be surprised if there’s special UFC programming airing on Spike TV on April 11, say right around 9PM.