UFC 83 Bell CentreGood news Canadian mixed martial arts fans and UFC 97 ticket holders, UFC 97 will remain in Montreal at the Bell Centre.

The news comes from CorusSports.com, the same media outlet that initially reported the situation, translated via Google:

The Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux (RACJ) received the authorities of the company to discuss the regulations used in combat. They finally agreed to maintain the regulations used by the UFC, including knee and elbow strokes.

As against the UFC has agreed to prevent the fighters to crush the feet of an opponent in an attempt to injure.

Basically, the RAJC have agreed to allow the UFC to follow the unified rules, including knee and elbow strikes, however, foot stomps will be banned.

It’s unclear at this point though what rule set the commission will follow for future cards, local and otherwise. This appears to just be a free pass to the UFC because of the economic impact they will make.

But for now, Mike and the rest of you lucky UFC 97 ticket holders can breathe a sigh of relief. UFC 97 will happen in Montreal as planned.