Alistair OvereemOne of the most talked about fighters at the end of 2008 was Alistair Overeem. His success last year has raised widespread speculation about what organization(s) he’ll be fighting for in 2009.

However, before he sets out to prove he’s one of the best heavyweight mixed martial artists in the world, it appears he’s planning on fighting in another K-1 match following his upset victory over Badr Hari at Fields Dynamite!! 2008. From, translated by Free Fight Videos:

It has just been announced that Alistair Overeem has been offered another K-1 match by FEG. The proposed opponent is K1 champion Remy Bonjasky. Alistair and his management (Golden Glory) have already accepted the offer, the ball is now in Bonjasky’s court according to our source (MixFight). At the end of 2008 Overeem shocked the martial arts world by knocking out K-1 star Badr Hari phenomenal fashion under K1 rules. On March 28 Alistair will continue is K1 career and with a win over Bonjasky could become the worlds most feared striker.

I’m not an expert on K-1, but after the beating Overeem gave Hari, I’d have to imagine Overeem wouldn’t be as big of an underdog in this potential match-up as he would be otherwise.

If the fight does happen, and Alistair wins, let’s just hope that his stay in K-1 isn’t an extended one. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed watching him knock out Hari, and wouldn’t mind seeing him have success there, but it’s definitely about time we find out just where Alistair fits in with the world’s best heavyweights.