Dana WhiteDana White was a guest on Sentanta Sports earlier this morning, and confirmed quite a few rumors that have been floating around.

Dan Henderson and Michael Bisping will indeed face off at UFC 100, which follows their stints as coaches on season nine of the The Ultimate Fighter. Dana also confirmed that a win for Bisping would make him the top contender for Anderson Silva’s middleweight title.

“Michael Bisping will be on the card. You heard it here first – I haven’t said anything about this to anybody. Bisping v Henderson will be one of the fights at UFC 100.

“This will be the fight that answers all questions about Michael Bisping. Is he a top five fighter? If he beats Henderson, he’s not only top five, he gets a shot at Anderson Silva’s title – probably in the UK.”

Dana didn’t say whether Hendo would get the shot if he defeats Bisping, which I’m predicting will happen. Nevertheless, a Bisping title fight in the UK would be huge for the UFC, so you have to imagine they’re hoping he can pull off the upset.

Another rumor flying around the internet recently has been BJ Penn vs Kenny Florian for the UFC Lightweight Championship at UFC 99 in Germany. Dana says “maybe.”

“BJ’s probably gonna defend his 155lb title against Kenny Florian and I’m thinking…maybe it’ll be in Germany. That might be the fight in Germany.

“We will do Germany this summer, hopefully in June or July.”

A little odd that Dana mentions July as a possible date for the Germany event, especially since it’s believe to be taking place on June 13, and with UFC 100 on July 11, that leaves July 4 as the only other possible date. Nevertheless, Penn vs Florian would make for a hell of a main event to debut their product in Germany with.

Dana mentioned quite a few other things as well. Here’s a quick rundown.

  • GSP-Alves for UFC 100
  • A second title fight at UFC 100 (presumably Rashad Evans vs Rampage/Machida)
  • Lyoto Machida’s wait for title shot will end “this summer”
  • Wanderlei “probably” at UFC 99 (It was reported on Wed. Wandy & Rich Franklin verbally agreed to fight in Germany)
  • Talking to Cro Cop’s agent to hopefully sign him for UFC 99
  • Lesnar-Mir II in May (UFC 98)
  • Still hopes to sign Fedor, talking

Nothing terribly new, but it is interesting that he basically said Machida will get a title shot this summer. Nothing’s been confirmed yet, but Rashad Evans is believed to be defending his title at UFC 100 right smack dab in the middle of the summer months. Dana’s already said Rampage will get the shot if he beats Jardine. Has something changed? Or does he think Jardine will beat Jackson? Not sure, but that definitely seems inconsistent with what’s been said in the past.