Rory Markham UFC 95 Weigh-In

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Just ask Rory Markham.

Apparently, during a post-fight examination following his loss to Dan Hardy at UFC 95, a doctor X-rayed Rory’s chest and discovered he had a collapsed lung. Sam Sheridan, author of “A Fighter’s Heart,” broke the news on the UG.

Rory’s a friend of mine, and he’s NOT making any excuses, but this is a pretty crazy story. He had a terrible weight cut in London, and cramped so badly after the weigh-ins that one of his lungs collapsed. He didn’t even know it. He just said he was feeling pretty shitty.

After the knock-out, he got x-rayed, and the Doc said “Can I X-ray your chest, it looks weird”?” and Rory said sure, and they said “You have a collapsed lung.” He had to stay in London 2 days for observation, and I think he’s got 120 day medical suspension.

The only thing he said to me was “That was the worst weight cut I’ve ever done…I know what hell is like.”

I’m not making excuses for him, and Rory definitely isn’t–he knows it wasn’t his night. Dan Hardy’s a tough guy. But that is some crazy shit. IMO he’s got to make the switch to 185. Just giving the UG the heads up.

Wow, I think you can officially file this one under “arguments for weighing in on the same day of the fight.”

This isn’t exactly a revelation to anybody, but the thing about professional sports is its extremely competitive. With dreams, careers, money, fame, fortune, etc. on the line, athletes have proven to do just about anything to get to the top and remain there. Mixed martial arts is no different.

Now, I don’t think anyone would argue that a win over Dan Hardy would have propelled Markham into stardom, but just like every other professional fighter, he competes to make it to the top, to be the best. It’s unclear how much weight Markham had to cut that cause his lung to collapse, but you have to imagine it was more than the standard 10-15 pounds that most welterweights seem to cut in the days leading up to a fight. I’m not against cutting weight, but it’s clearly unsafe if a fighter is cutting too much and/or not doing it properly.

I’ve never been big on having too many rules and regulations, and while I do believe it is the fighter’s responsibility, this can also be a serious health and safety issue. Like I mentioned above, there’s an argument here for weighing in on the same day of the fight, but that doesn’t come without it’s own set of issues.

So, why not do it like North Carolina does it? At the UFC Fight Night 16 “Fight for the Troops” fighters were required to not only weigh in the day before, but also the day of. On the day of the fight, they were only allowed to weigh a certain amount over the day before, thus preventing ridiculous 25-30lbs weight cuts. Seems to be the best of both worlds.

If one extra weigh-in and one extra rule is all it takes from preventing situations like this, or worse, from happening again, then I think it’s worth it to save the few fighters who need saving from themselves.