GSP & BJ PennGreaseGate, nope, not going away.

In response to BJ Penn’s request to the NSAC to investigate GSP and his cornermen, GSP’s trainers have a formal response with the NSAC. Here’s an excerpt from the letter.

We take our involvement in the sport of mixed martial arts serious. We hold the sport in high esteem and are honored to be two of the chosen few who are able to participate in this noble profession. We would not, nor would Georges or any of his handlers, advisors or his manager, do anything to jeopardize either Georges’ reputation or the integrity of the sport. Therefore, we believe strongly, that we have done nothing to violate Nevada State Athletic Commission rules or to otherwise impugn the outcome of UFC 94, the integrity of the UFC or the sport and that the Letter constitutes nothing more than Mr. Penn’s desperate attempt to protect his reputation and commercial value after being totally dominated by a superior athlete.

Not only did they try to defend themselves in the response, they also offered their recommendations to prevent such a situation from occurring again, including rubbing down the fighter with alcohol or other solvent to remove any lubricant from the fighter’s body prior to entering the cage.

The way I see it, Penn’s camp and GSP’s camp, can file statements, requests, and complaints all they want, but at the end of the day, the NSAC has no written rule that states greasing the body is illegal, which basically deems any judgment unenforceable. If anything comes out of this, at the very least, that rule needs to be added.

A copy of the letter can be found here (.pdf).