Frank Shamrock vs Ken ShamrockWith a matchup against Nick Diaz coming up on April 11th, Frank Shamrock can expect to have a microphone in his face for the foreseeable future. As is always the case when Frank opens his mouth, the results are both compelling and noteworthy.

Five Ounces of Pain was able to secure an interview with Frank recently, and he was as insightful as ever, especially when asked about his brother Ken’s withdrawal from the Kimbo fight.

I think Ken cut himself. It goes back to his giant ego and not being smart enough to understand the rest of the business. I think he got upset because Kimbo was making twice as much as he was and I don’t think his ego could take it. I know for a fact that he tried to hold the network up for more money the day before the show and unfortunately his parting words were, “Well, then you never know what will happen because anything can happen.” Then when he showed up with the cut we all thought he juiced himself. You know, he’s not to be trusted … a real fighter would have superglued it and put makeup on it and been and would have been out there fighting. Which (is something) I have done and many fighters have done many times … I have no idea what he’s doing. I just hope when he’s finished destroying himself that he has something left to live by.

As time moves on it seems less and less likely that these two will ever square off against one another and settle this feud. In the past, many had assumed that the aggression and hate that these two men had for each other was simply buildup to promote the epic clash between the brothers and draw interest towards it. Now that it appears this fight won’t occur, is it time to start believing that they truly do hate each other?

I’m sure many fans would love to find out the truth about the whole situation, but it appears that we can only continue to listen to the he said, she said, version of the story. And if history tells us anything, this won’t be the last of it either.